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Department of History

The one who forgets the past, stuns the way in the future. To reveal the political and social existance of history making socities, to investigate the changes they have undergone according to scientific principles, to transfer the results, obtained to the day and tomorrow, to reach the related persons and institutions to benefit the required scientific knowledge in daily life, to train individuals with critical thinkingis are among the aims of the department.

Through the lessons in the department curriculum, it is aimed to build the experience that can be done in the resource criterion as well as the method information to be watched when doing research in any subject. The information given in the lessons is centered on "Turkish History" and this knowledge is completed by comparing it with the political and cultural formations of other nations and thus trying to reach objective knowledge from the perspective of "Comparative History". "Contemplation on history plays a role in the formation of the critique mind and helps to identify the person", "The task of the historian is not to love the past or save him/herself from the past, but to study and understand it as the key of understanding today".   "I do not know if there is a nation on earth that is as rich as ours in terms of history. But I know that with mathematical correctness that, there is no other nation which has forgotten its past as much as we have’’. Understanding and narrating the importance of history sense, which has become open with its aphorisms; raising individuals, interpreting and evaluating at universal level are too among the aims.

The undergraduate program of History Department started to receive students in the 2009-2010 academic year. The program lasts for four years. The department's educational activities are conducted by ten faculty members, two lecturers and three research assistants.

At the Department of History, along with daytime and evening education at bachelor’s, there is a Master's program too. Our department regularly contributes to the educational process of our students with various academic and social activities every year. Academic activities include "Genç Kalemler" journal, which is published every six months and "Young Historians Workshop" which is held every year. Among the social activities are trips to different cities, afforestation activities and visits and supports to several village schools.

In the fall semester of 2017-2018, a total of 552 students, 297 daytime education and 255 evening education have enrolled in bachelor’s level. Besides, a total of 78 students, 18 of which are at the Department of Medieval History and 60 of which are at the Department of History, continue their Master education.